Wines for Summer by DOCTORWINE

A guide to wines for summer, three tasting counters, and a host of projects for the immediate future: DOCTORWINE meets its audience of operators, producers, enthusiasts, and wine lovers in three Italian cities to present the guide “Vini per l’Estate” by Daniele Cernilli and the DOCTORWINE team.

Wines for Summer: Vini per l’Estate 

The book will be officially presented on Saturday, May 20th in Milan at the Hotel Principe di Savoia, Tuesday, May 23rd in Naples at the Hotel Vesuvio, and Sunday, May 28th in Rome at the Hotel Mama Shelter.

The guide to wines for summer is a valuable and useful little book that offers a selection of 350 wines perfect for the warm season, summer toasts, and pairings with lighter, fresher cuisine. This year’s second edition features a new, even more readable, and eye-catching design and provides the reader with tasting suggestions and notes. The information contained in each entry allows for a quick and informed choice according to one’s taste and needs.

DOCTORWINE Vini per l'Estate by Doctor Wine
Vini per l’Estate by Doctor Wine

The presentation of the guide spread across three events in iconic cities of Northern, Southern, and Central Italy will be an opportunity to participate in great tasting counters with wines from leading wineries and to learn about the latest news.

The Latest from DOCTORWINE

Indeed, 2023 promises to be full of new projects for the independent editorial network founded by Daniele Cernilli and dedicated to spreading information and wine culture: the opening of a new Milan office that will host training courses and meetings; a user-friendly app that will make all the information on wines, prices, tasting notes, awards, scores, and accommodations in wineries conveniently usable via smartphone and tablet; and the complete restyling of the website that will render it more intuitive and engaging in searching for the many insights and exclusive content present.


Wines for Summer by DOCTORWINE

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