Wines to Pair with Arancini

This is one of the best-loved street foods in the Sicilian gastronomic tradition: arancini di riso. But which wines pair with arancini? Here is the advice of wine Sensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni.

Wine Pair Arancini with a Blend of Barbera & Ruchè

Piedmont Doc Rosso Fuori Catalogo 2018 Montalbera 

“Even when the wood spices take the field with their balsamic minty sweetness, Montalbera’s fruit maintains intact turgidity and expressive vigour: the blackberry-vanilla pairing of Piemonte Doc Rosso Fuori Catalogo 2018 is of absolute clarity and pleasantness.”

Characterised by a bright red colour with violet reflections when young, tending towards garnet with aging, the wine recommended by Luca Maroni for the perfect accompaniment releases an intense, fruity bouquet with hints of red fruits and apricot, while in the mouth it is delicate, soft and full-bodied, with a hint of wild berry jam.

Wine Pair Arancini with a Lambrusco

15.0 Mèstor Lambrusco Oinòe 

“Sparkling wines of rare concentration presented by Oinòe. In addition to their concentration, these wines also stand out for their softness on the palate and enological clarity of execution. Thus, the 15.0 Mèstor Lambrusco reveals a high degree of drinking pleasure. Its violet froth is dense, enveloping, clear and faultless in aroma.” A sparkling wine with an intense ruby red colour with violet hues, which on the nose is fresh and vinous, with aromas of berries, herbs and black cherries. On the palate it is fresh and intense, rich in aromatic and fruity character, supported by elegant tannins and long mineral freshness.

Wines to Pair with Arancini

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