The Winter Tablescape: Blue Marble by Coralla Maiuri

An enchanted place designed to convey an idea of winter with deep spirituality, where the striking Blue Marble plates, a splendid line of table accessories belonging to Coralla Maiuri’s Piazza del Popolo collection, find their place.

Coralla Maiuri’s Winter Tablescape

A series of accessories for a table setting with a romantic soul perfect for representing the spirit of a beautiful dinner with those near and dear, “The images communicate a spiritual aspect far removed from packages, shopping and gargantuan eating. In this scene, composed of pure, soft and heavenly elements, shy little pristine animals appear, welcoming the dishes to their realm of peace. The Blue Marble dish was granted a pass into this realm because with its essential aesthetic it speaks of life and beginnings.”

“Every object, even the simplest and most immediate, that I work on is a representation of my inner world. The decorations on plates and accessories express the rhythm of life, they tell the story of the earth seen from the sky and the clouds seen from the sea. I use color, silver and gold as if they were magic words with which to describe and decline my feelings. The language I love to use is based on a primary and precious aesthetic, like a rough diamond shimmers on black earth.”

With Piazza del Popolo Coralla Maiuri represents and colors her feelings for this unique place that is Rome, and Blue Marble, in particular, reveals all its romantic soul and impactful design.

Coralla Maiuri

The Winter Tablescape: Blue Marble by Coralla Maiuri

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