Women First


The Court, the cocktail bar of Palazzo Manfredi, is promoting Women First, a calendar of events for women’s equality in the world of hospitality, bringing together female bartenders from all over the world.

Women Bartenders in the Spotlight

It’s called “Women First“, the all-female event for female bartenders that until May will be held at The Court, the cocktail bar in Palazzo Manfredi overlooking the Colosseum, to promote women in the world of hospitality. The project, developed by bar manager Matteo Zed, is a response to bridge the gender gap in this profession.

The Court encourages equality and believes strongly in women. In its last two years of life, this reality has always had pink managers, from bar manager Martina Proietti to head bartender Federica Marcaccini, continuing the tradition with Aurora Sofia Perretta and other figures such as Samantha Parente and Federica Ticconi. – explains Matteo Zed – More and more barladies have been able to win prestigious roles thanks to their meticulousness and organisational spirit, revealing great sensitivity and outstanding aesthetic taste. If we think about the history of mixing, we can remember that some women have really made a difference. First of all Ada Coleman, the pioneering barlady who in 1903 was the first woman in the mixology station of the iconic American Bar at London’s Savoy Hotel. Since then, there have been many female roses who have made their mark.

Women bartenders from all over the world have joined the call and will be taking turns behind the cocktail bar in hotels over the coming months. For this reason, “Women First” will take place over several afternoons, fixed for Monday evenings and the next appointment will be on 21 March with Elpida Antonopoulou of Barro Negro, in Athens.

An unmissable opportunity for lovers of quality mixology, while enjoying a priceless view of the beauty of Rome.


Women First

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