The Stylistic Balance of Fine Wood: Chronos 2.2 by L’Ottocento

Step into a notion of living that is free-flowing and inviting. L’Ottocento, the Italian design brand known for its exclusive and specialized handcrafted kitchens that turn furniture into art, presents its latest design in national walnut that merges the beauty of an inviting spaces with the concepts of well-being and comfort.

fresh design idea for the kitchen and living area, featuring fine wood as the ultimate focus of an environment that is both elegant and functional: L’Ottocento, in collaboration with makethatstudio, designs Chronos 2.2.

The boundaries between architectural solutions and furniture proposals dissolve in a renewed stylistic and material balance, creating a free-flowing, immersive space. National walnut, in a tobacco finish, represents the common thread of a linear aesthetic and is found on all surfaces, from the boiserie to the Chronos 2.2 kitchen.

Chronos 2.2: The National Walnut Kitchen

A true expression of the company’s design and manufacturing capabilities, the Chronos 2.2. kitchen, conceived as a double-sided peninsula, ideally separates spaces while maintaining a sense of continuity.

This model, which is distinguished by the sinuously curved doors of the working area, is completed with showcase wall units in wood and bronzed glass, equipped with a scenographic interior lighting system.

L'Ottocento_Chronos 2.2
L’Ottocento_Chronos 2.2

The green Alpi marble top is found in the backdrop, which, because of the metal-finished portholes, becomes simultaneously a decorative element. Next to it, a spacious open cellar space fits between the side pantry and refrigerator/oven columns, equipped with smooth doors with long, linear handles in keeping with the architecture of the striking wall paneling. The latter, always handcrafted in domestic walnut at full height, never overlooks functionality, alternating fixed walls with storage compartments and passage doors.

Defining the dining space is L’Ottocento‘s Meridiana table with an elliptical top and base, in open-pore black lacquered oak, paired with designer seating.

Warm and welcoming areas reflect the furniture proposal designed by L’Ottocento, which confers on natural materials a refined and timeless conviviality, in pursuit of well-being.

L’Ottocento: 30 Years of Love for Wood

This year L’Ottocento celebrates 30 years of all-Italian sartorial manufacture dedicated to creating elegant and functional kitchens and furniture. Fine woods and their evocative expressiveness are the souls of each creation, which is connoted by timeless style and quality.

Wood represents an ethical choice and beauty, in the meeting of well-being and sustainability. It is precisely around this noble and healthy raw material, and its design versatility, that the original and eclectic L’Ottocento furniture proposals for the kitchen and home environment revolve, where aesthetic research, technological innovation, and Italian craftsmanship are found.


The Stylistic Balance of Fine Wood: Chronos 2.2 by L’Ottocento

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