Erosion Collection by Zaha Hadid Architects for NEUTRA

A furniture-sculpture collection by Zaha Hadid Architects that explores the dynamic interaction between matter, time and form.

A historical reality with more than 140 years of experience in the supply and processing of marble and natural stone, NEUTRA carries on the path inaugurated in 2022 with the entry of Emanuele Chicco Busnelli in the ownership by presenting new collections for furniture of high design and executive value, which borrow the language and values of architecture to transfer them to the living dimension.

Proposals distinguished by a strong personality, which focus on the poetic language of nature, signed by prestigious international designers: atelier oï, Draw Studio, Foster Partners, Gabriele e Oscar Buratti, Mario Bellini, Migliore+Servetto, Nespoli e Novara, and Zaha Hadid Architects are thus called upon to interpret the company’s vision with furniture proposals for the living area and bathroom area.

Erosion Collection Design by Zaha Hadid Architects

The Erosion Collection by Zaha Hadid Architects for NEUTRA explores the dynamic interplay between materiality, time and form. The two elements of the collection, the MINERA Table and BRANCH Console, celebrate the beauty of natural stone transformed over time, embracing the unique characteristics of its materiality. Carved from the finest Carrara marble, the bespoke qualities of these distinctive works convey an evolution through time.

Zaha Hadid Architects’ signature style defines a collection that blurs the boundaries between furniture and sculpture, the richness of natural stone and fluid sinuous lines that suggest an alternative concept of space.

Minera Table

Limited edition table designed by Zaha Hadid Architects MINERA redefines the traditional dining table, emerging as a continuity of form that unites divergent forces with precision in craftsmanship. Its fluid forms expressing the erosive forces of nature are skilfully carved by NEUTRA from a single block of marble.

Accommodating up to eight people, (320X160x72 cm) the MINERA Table is available as an exclusive limited edition of eight pieces.

Branch Console

Balanced between lightness and stability, the BRANCH console appears simultaneously suspended yet firmly grounded by the opposing forces acting upon it. Carved from a single piece of marble, two symmetrical branches seamlessly connect the consoles base and top. A large central void defies the solidity of its robust material and enhances the ethereal qualities of the design. The surface of the consoles top spans 290X68 cm.


NEUTRA is a company that traces its roots to 1880 in Italy, in the heart of Brianza, specialising in the supply and processing of marble and natural stone. With more than 140 years of history, the brand is known and appreciated for its knowledge in the production of furniture with a minimalist and rigorous style. Products and furnishing accessories are made with sartorial care using the company’s technological expertise and profound knowledge of materials which are focus of its collections.

In 2022 NEUTRA’s development reached an important turning point, when the brand was acquired by Emanuele Chicco Busnelli, son of Piero Ambrogio Busnelli, the historic B&B Italia founder. B&B Italia is one of the most innovative companies in the Italian and international furnishing scene. Chicco Busnelli’s ownership provides new vitality and initiates a research process into “timeless elegance” – a new generation of furnishings in marble, stone and other materials, distinguished by a strong personality. This is an important evolution marked by the new creative direction entrusted to Migliore+Servetto design studio.


Erosion Collection by Zaha Hadid Architects for NEUTRA

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