A Gelato in Rome: 4 must-try locations

For those looking for a cool, mouthwatering, refreshing break in the Eternal City, here are four artisanal ice cream shops run by masters of this Italian delight. These gelato shops in Rome offer a natural, high-quality take on ice cream with exceptional flavors and creaminess. 

A Gelato in Rome: Otaleg

Artisanal ice cream that turns into a multi-sensory and exciting experience: the Otaleg ice cream shop in the heart of Monteverde, the new sign recently opened by ice cream maker Marco Radicioni, located at number 70 Via dei Quattro Venti.

Among the most experienced master ice cream makers on the Capitoline and national scene, Radicioni rightly calls himself an authentic “philosopher of ice cream,” giving life daily to novel flavors and daring combinations and always using seasonal raw materials.

Flavors not to be missed include Pistachio Squared, a blend of lightly roasted and salted pistachios with chopped pistachios, and delicious fruit sorbets, served in compostable cups and waffle cones that are also gluten-free.


Gelato in Rome: Gelateria Mamò

A new sign in the heart of Rome, with a spectacular view of the Pantheon: in fact, Gelateria Mamò lands in Piazza della Rotonda, bringing to seven the Capitoline concepts of ice cream franchiser Cristian Monaco.

A new window on the world to make true Roman ice cream known without borders, but above all a way for people to enjoy quality products even in the much-talked-about and sometimes mistreated “tourist areas.”

As many as 60 flavors of ice cream (more than half of which are gluten-free) such as Sacher L’originale, Pan di Spagna al cioccolato, Marmellata di Albicocche, Crostatina, Millefoglie con Crema Chantilly, Zabaione, Nocciola Piemonte IGP and the ever-present Sicilia Romana (almond ice cream with pistachio cremino, almonds, and caramelized pistachios), and a small pastry shop with Tiramisu, Cheescake, Panna cotta, Sicilian Cannoli on display.

Gelaterie Mamò

Gelato in Rome: Come il Latte

She is always looking for new ingredients and solutions Nicoletta Chiacchiari, master ice cream maker at the helm of Come il Latte for more than 10 years.

A landmark in Rome’s Pinciano district, the Come il Latte ice cream shop over the years has won over its public thanks to its continuous search for quality raw materials, established recipes, and new experiments.

With the arrival of the summer season, Nicoletta has come up with mouth-watering proposals to satisfy all needs, made with natural ingredients, organic eggs, and no additives or dyes.

Lunching with the Coppetta Mangiatutto is a real triumph of sweetness to be enjoyed even during the lunch break. From the union of the cone with the cup comes the Coppetta Mangiatutto, a perfect solution for enjoying ice cream with a spoon and then tasting the express wafer as if it were a cone. A fresh and nutritious alternative to lunch to satisfy the sweet tooth.

For those who are sugar-conscious but do not want to give up pleasure, Like Milk also offers Santarem Dark Chocolate 65% sugar-free and prepared with a blend of natural sweeteners, a combination that enhances the flavor of chocolate and keeps the glycemic index at bay.

Nicoletta also draws inspiration for the creation of new flavors from cheeses, such as ricotta, gorgonzola and taleggio, which she transforms into sweet, and also salidou, the French salted butter caramel, and brunost, the Norwegian spreadable cheese widely used during breakfast with a caramelized flavor.

Come il Latte

Gelato in Rome: Federico Prodon Pâtisserie e Crémerie

Federico Prodon’s new boutique in the Parioli district focuses on artisanal ice cream. The pastry chef’s approach can be found in the great study on balancing the recipe, reducing sugars and fats as much as possible, and using the best raw materials.

Prodon’s ice cream has the Clean Label, which means it uses no emulsifiers, thickeners, or fibers that can make it difficult to digest. Even when it comes to sugar, Prodon’s choice focuses on naturalness: “I prefer to use, in moderation, a good Italian beet sugar, rather than alternative sugars.”

The result is a selection of flavors – up to 32 varieties at the counter – ranging from the classics to the sought-after. In the milk-based creams chapter, not to be missed is the Sacher flavor, made with an 85 percent Michel Cluizel chocolate, which is proposed as a variation of a Sacher cookie with evo oil and semi-candied apricots from Vesuvius, or the Marron Glacé, prepared with French-sourced chestnut paste, rum, and chopped marrons glacé

Prodon enjoys combining different product origins with nuts, creating his own blends, as in the case of Hazelnut, which mixes tonda gentile from Piedmont with hazelnuts from Viterbo and Avellino. For sorbets, inspired by seasonality, we find the Williams Pear and Tonka Bean flavor, Green Apple and Mint, or Raspberry and Elderflower. More creative flavors to discover include: Banana, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla and lime zest, or Coconut and lime juice to add that perfect taste of tropical freshness to summer.

Federico Prodon

A Gelato in Rome: 4 must-try locations

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