A Kitchen with Unparalleled Modularity

An innovative kitchen system that offers an evolved interpretation of the concept of maximum functionality, reworking the meanings of quality and everyday life to make the kitchen environment even more welcoming. Functional and aesthetically gratifying, Lounge by Veneta Cucine is enriched with new modularity, unusual proportions, and intriguing combinations of materials.

The key element of Lounge is in fact the change in proportions: the volumes have increased thanks to the greater storage capacity of base and tall units, and the use of a reduced plinth height of 8 cm. New design standards define a more contemporary and sophisticated aesthetic, using dedicated materials, such as precious woods, or special processing with glossy, matte and liquid metal finishes, Fenix® laminates, decorative, steel and now also glossy and matte lacquered glass.

In addition to Scrigno, a system of tall units with a recessed door opening on the side that allows you to store appliances or interpret the pantry in an innovative way, Lounge offers Maxi tall units with a full door, characterised by a clean and linear design.

Amongst the new Lounge compositions by Veneta Cucine, is the version in Orange Brick Matt Lacquered Glass and Chamois Matt Lacquered Glass. The kitchen is fully developed and revolves around the island that contains the main operational functions such as washing, preparation, and cooking.

The kitchen’s storage functions are delegated to the Maxi tall units with full doors, which conceal a capacious pantry and refrigerator.

A second sink, to maximise the usability of the space and operability, is inserted inside the niche that interrupts the vertical rhythm of the full doors of the Maxi tall units. The niche is made up of a panelling called Groove, available in the materials and finishes of the Veneta Cucine product range and surrounded by a rear and perimeter frame in Bronze finish aluminium, the same finish as the grooves and plinth. Groove can be accessorized with rails that can be fitted with shelves, hooks, and lights so that you can work in the kitchen with the correct lighting and with the necessary utensils and ingredients always at hand.

The island is flanked on one side by a top in Rovere Boisè that also functions as a table, created with the new Totem counter support in the same colour as the top and furnished with Babila Poltrona chairs. On the other side, it rests on a Living system in a Camoscio Matt Lacquer finish that introduces the space of the room dedicated to relaxation and entertainment.

The Stepsystem Reverse module, inserted between the two Maxi columns with full door, dialogues with the Living system on the left, and has LED bars built into the shelf to allow even more targeted and detailed management of artificial light.

 Finally, the worktop of the island and the niche are in Caranto Quartz Libra.

The Lounge composition in Black Matt Lacquered Glass and Light Walnut Canneté consists of three functional blocks: two ‘L’ shaped islands and a block of five columns.

Each island has a specific operational function: washing is delegated to the Matt Black Lacquered Glass island, while cooking takes place on the Light Walnut Cannetè island. The two islands are connected by 4 modules of the new Gravity system, that is, a 1.5 cm thick bronze-finish metal living area, whose shelves are made of glass and can be accessorized with wooden trays in Light Walnut and Dark Oak finishes or with a chalice holder. This living area in turn dialogues with another Gravity that flanks the columns, this time consisting of just two modules.

Gravity is modular and can be combined with peninsulas, tall units and other kitchen elements, making it very versatile and customisable.

Another novelty is the new Cannetè aesthetic, available in Light Walnut and Dark Oak, and available in a palette of 11 matte colours and 2 matte lacquers with a Liquid Metal finish.

The main feature of Cannetè is the wavy surface of the door, which is pleasant both to the touch, as the grooves are regular and symmetrical, and to the eye, thanks to the refined and elegant effect.

Finally, the worktops of the islands are made of Caranto Ker Golden Calacatta Naturale, 2 cm thick.


A Kitchen with Unparalleled Modularity

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