A Sweet Mother’s Day Gift from Ernst Knam

There are those precious people that hold such a dear place in our hearts, so when mom’s special day arrives it’s the moment to offer her a sweet Mother’s Day gift that reminds her of how much she means. For all those who want to pay homage to Mom this holiday, scheduled for Sunday, May 14th, Chef and Maître Chocolatier Ernst Knam has come up with some unique creations to make her feel a little extra special.

Remembering Roots on Mother’s Day: Heart Tree

It starts with the Heart Tree, a symbol of love that has deep, indissoluble roots, made entirely of dark chocolate with a sphere decorated with marzipan hearts in chocolate and red sugared almonds filled with spiced almond dragèes.

A True Mother’s Day Sweetheart: Praline Cuore

This is followed by Praline Cuore, delicious pralines with dark chocolate poached and filled with salted caramel and yuzu gelée, two-color heart-shaped dark chocolate lollipops, and white chocolate Lollipops with red hearts. And for those who like classic flavors, not to be missed are the Heart Shaped Raspberry Shortbread Mom’s Cookies.

Mother's Day Gift from Ernst Knam
Mother’s Day Gift_ Rainbow Heart_Ernst Knam

A Mother’s Day Gift Filled with Love: Knam’s Signature Box

If you want to surprise your mom with a really yummy thought, the perfect gift is the sweet Knam’s signature box containing: red fondant-poached pralines filled with salted caramel and yuzu gelée; two-color dark chocolate lollipops also in the shape of a heart; Lollipops in white chocolate with a red heart; heart-shaped raspberry shortbread cookies; and a bar of tasty dark chocolate with crispy raspberry.

A Mother’s Day of Love: Ernst Knam Cakes

Finally, Chef Knam offers some of his famous cakes, also available in single-portion versions: Cuore Afrika made with a marquise base, dark chocolate mousse, and raspberry gelèe insert with chunky raspberries, decorated with a dark red icing, also available in single-portion; White Chocolate, Lime and Raspberry Heart, with a sponge cake base, white chocolate, and lime mousse, raspberry gelèe with chunks of raspberries and lime zest, decorated with a white glaze pollocked with dark red; Rainbow Heart, prepared with six layers of sponge cake in different flavors that echo the colors of the rainbow, alternating with a mascarpone, yogurt, and vanilla mousse.

Ernst Knam

A Sweet Mother’s Day Gift from Ernst Knam

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