Fabio Tisti’s Artisanal Italian Christmas Pastries 2023: Bring a Little Italian Sweetness Home for the Holidays

From Piemonte’s Domodossola, the 30-year-old pastry chef’s artisanal leavened goods will win anyone over with their delicious taste, pure lightness and superb harmony of flavors from the highest quality ingredients available – all prepared with the instinctive talent Tisti is so well known for.

Tisti Pasticceria

The distinct sweetness and fragrance of the panettoni and pandoro cakes is a result of a mother yeast that is curated and regenerated every day, blended with all the natural and selected ingredients with which the five artisanal panettoni and the classic pandoro are prepared every day in the Corso Moneta laboratory in Domodossola.

PanPelmo: Tisti’s New Citrus Spice Panettone

For Christmans 2023 Tisti presents the newest addition the PanPelmo, envisioned and created by Fabio Tisti and his team to bring citrusy and spicy notes to the classic traditional Italian dessert. Chunks of candied grapefruit, a ground Timut pepper from Nepal and grated citrus peel are infused into the dough. The glaze, which features Apulian almonds and sugar, offers a delicate smoky note on the finish.

Panettone & Pandoro Tisti Style 

PanPelmo joins Tisti Pasticceria’s more classic offerings designed to please all customers and panettone lovers during the holiday season, including the Classico Milanese, with candied oranges and Australian raisins, and the Mandorlato Piemonte covered with a fine glaze of Apulian almonds and sugar and filled with Australian raisins and candidate orange.

The scrumptious Panettone al Cioccolato is filled with cubes of 72 percent Peruvian dark chocolate and covered with a fine chocolate ganache, while the Panettone al Pistacchio, leavened like all Fabio Tisti’s panettone cakes for 48 hours, is filled with whole Bronte pistachios and pistachio cremini and topped with a pistachio cream and pistachio pieces.

Ideal for sharing special moments with family and friends, Fabio Tisti’s Pandoro, scented with Madagascar red vanilla, makes softness its most appreciated feature.

Fragrant and fluffy, the fruit of tradition and the creative flair of young pastry chef Fabio Tisti, the panettone cakes with natural and extremely digestible dough are famous for their pleasant sweetness, never aggressive, fragrance, aromas and rich toppings and fillings, carefully calibrated so as not to lose the extraordinary lightness of the dough leavened over 48 hours.

Fabio Tisti’s panettone cakes are made without preservatives, only with carefully selected natural ingredients of the highest quality: egg yolks from organic Ossola farms, butter from Latteria di Crodo, the purest flours. Preparation is deliberately long, slow and carried out with spasmodic attention to quality. Fabio Tisti and his team meticulously follow each step, with care and love, to give customers and gourmands a product of the highest quality.

Order Online Italian Christmas Treats 

Fabio Tisti’s dolce holiday offerings also include nougat, fruit jellies, cocoa, hazelnut and pistachio spreads. Items that can be combined in delicious Christmas baskets to be composed at the customer’s choice and then picked up at the Pastry Shop or delivered to more distant friends and relatives. All of their products are available in the shop or online with delivery to Italy and within the European Union.

Tisti Pasticceria

Fabio Tisti’s Artisanal Italian Christmas Pastries 2023: Bring a Little Italian Sweetness Home for the Holidays

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