The Harmony of Air and Light: Falmec Vogue

With its harmonious circular silhouette, Falmec’s Vogue achieves a balance between air and light.

A sophisticated object suspended over the workspace, it captivates at first glance with the refinement of a design that plays on the duality between an aspirating system and an ambient lamp.

Designed by Emo Design, Vogue features a sinuous structure made of steel, housing a glass dome inside designed to diffuse a pleasant dynamic light, adjustable from cool to warm tones.

Not only does Vogue serve a dual function, but it also boasts a dual finish that further enhances the elegance of the product. While the external surface of Vogue is adorned in green, white, or iron gray, its interior “lights up” with gold on all color variations, creating an interesting chromatic and geometric contrast between inside and outside.

Vogue ensures a broad suction surface thanks to its substantial dimensions (diameter 88 cm), making it the absolute protagonist in kitchen environments, maintaining lightness and adaptability to various situations and design ideas for island kitchens.

Vogue enriches Falmec’s acclaimed Circle.Tech collection, where the combination of aspirating and filtering functions in a single body allows for maximum performance, drastic space reduction, and low noise. Vogue includes the regenerable Carbon.Zeo filtration system, with charcoal and zeolite, for exceptional odor absorption and vapor reduction.

Finally, the hood is equipped with a 600 m3/h brushless motor for high energy efficiency, a rotary control panel, 3 speeds + Boost, optional remote control, and the Dialogue System function, allowing the hood to connect to a Falmec induction cooktop.


The Harmony of Air and Light: Falmec Vogue

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