Easter 2023: The Signature Colombe Cakes for Easter this Year

Precious raw materials, careful and strictly artisanal processing, heady scents, and irresistible taste: here are some of the best signature dove-shaped colombe cakes  to choose from to celebrate Easter 2023.

Colomba Rosa e Fico d’India Fiasconaro

Fiasconaro doves carry with them a soul made of genuineness, simplicity, taste, tradition, and innovation at the same time. The love for the territory and its expressions becomes flavor and becomes timeless history told with the attention and care from which beauty is born, strong and shining.

Among the novelties here is Colomba Rosa e Fico d’India, with the essence of rose petals with pink chocolate drops, covered with prickly pear jam, white chocolate, and pink chocolate pearls.

Niko Romito Chocolate Colomba

Tristate chef Niko Romito’s Colomba al Cioccolato (Chocolate Dove) is a soft and mouthwatering leavened cake, enveloped in notes of citrus and white flowers and enriched with large chocolate chips, with an intense flavor and balanced sweetness. Covered with a crunchy almond praline and raw beet sugar, Colomba has an artisanal production process of about 60 hours. The three stages of fermentation and four kneading of the dough give this great traditional leavened product a light, fluffy, and perfectly honeycombed texture.

Gucci Osteria Colomba

A leavened pastry with the flavor of spring: Gucci Osteria Firenze’s Colomba, presented in an imaginative square tin box, is the brainchild of Co-Executive Chefs Karime López and Takahiko Kondo, who selected the highest quality ingredients to create this year’s dove.

In an extraordinary blend of tradition and contemporary creativity, ingredients such as flour, sourdough, butter, fresh eggs, and almonds combine with candied apricots, gianduja, and tonka beans to create an enveloping and aromatic dessert with a fruity twist on the traditional recipe.

Colomba ricotta cheese and pears Pasticceria De Vivo

A fluffy leavened dough inspired by the classic ricotta and pear cake, a typical dessert of the Coast: the Colomba ricotta and pears by Pasticceria De Vivo, new this year, features a delicate dough enriched with a filling of ricotta cream and pieces of candied pears, infused with pears, with a white chocolate and pear topping.

Sant Ambroeus Decorated Colomba

A hymn to spring is the proposal of the Milanese pastry shop Sant Ambroeus, which imprints its Colombina, the brand’s logo as well as a symbol that recurs in all its products, in decorated dove forms, covered with the finest dark chocolate in pastel pink.

L’Ovo Forno Follador

A half-egg-shaped leavened product in which a special dough is used: the Ovo by Forno Follador.

Declined in two mouth-watering variants: Pistachio and Amarena cherries, enriched with Bronte PDO pistachio paste and candied black cherries, covered with pistachio white chocolate frosting and sprinkles; Glacé and Apricot, with chocolate and almond frosting, filled with round Costigliole apricots and fine milk chocolate.

Colomba Foresta Bianca Sal De Riso

A sweet novelty for Easter 2023 from Maestro Sal De Riso is the Colomba Foresta Bianca: a fluffy leavened pastry filled with maraschino cherries in syrup and Maraschino-scented custard, frosting, and white chocolate and vanilla sheets.

Daniel Canzian Roasted Apricot Colomba

Light, fluffy and fragrant: Chef Daniel Canzian’s signature Roasted Apricot Colomba combines the typical fragrance of Easter leavening with the fruity aroma of lightly candied apricot cubes, a type of processing that guarantees a natural taste and softness to the fruit added to the dough.

Made with a mouth-watering filling of candied roasted apricots, the soft leavened pastry is crowned with icing and decorations made with sugar, egg white, “Nocciola Piemonte IGP,” almonds, armellins, and rice flour.

Armani/Dolci Colomba

Armani/Dolci offers for Easter the traditional Colomba with a unique flavor. Soft in leavening and rich in only soft candied fruit, covered with icing and decorated with whole PGI Piedmont Hazelnuts from the Langhe.

The refinement of flavors is matched by rich and sophisticated, specially designed packaging. The paper that wraps the box, declined in a delicate lilac color, is inspired by the luminous dresses decorated with crystals from the Giorgio Armani women’s spring/summer 2023 collection and is closed by the white grosgrain ribbon and tag with Armani/Dolci logo.

Marchesi 1824 decorated Colomba

Among the new additions to the dove theme for Pasticceria Marchesi is the decorated dove, proposed with candied orange and gianduja cubes made with milk chocolate and Piedmont hazelnuts. The citrus flavor of the orange blends perfectly with the toasted notes of the hazelnut and the sweetness of the milk chocolate, a perfect marriage of flavor.

Colomba Ossolana Fabio Tisti

Fabio Tisti’s big news for Easter 2023 is the Colomba Ossolana. A special dedication to the roots of the young Pastry Chef from Domodossola, to his territory, and excellent raw materials such as butter from the Crodo Dairy, thyme, and rosemary gathered in the Ossola meadows, high mountain honey, eggs from organic farms, and candied apricots that enrich the soft and fragrant dough. And, to top it off, the icing is made with Beura’s yellow flour, produced from whole-grain corn with a strong flavor and stone ground.

The result is a fragrant dove, not overly sweet, rich in flavors and aromas that taste of the mountains, with that “crunchy” touch given by the glaze that makes it even more interesting to taste.

Colomba all’Uva passa Zibibbo di Pantelleria Di Stefano

An Easter that smells of Sicily is the one signed by Di Stefano Dolciaria, a company from Raffadali, in the province of Agrigento.

The latest example of the combination of bold flavors and authenticity of the recipe that allows for a different tasting experience characteristic of all Di Stefano productions-is Colomba all’Uva passa Zibibbo di Pantelleria: velvety and fragrant to the palate, this particular type of grape, wrapped in the soft dough expresses its natural sweetness and its distinct crunchy note of seeds inside.

Di Stefano Dociaria

Colomba Strawberry Temptation Fabio Tuccillo

Sweet and with delicate aromas is Bakery Chef Fabio Tuccillo’s Colomba Strawberry Temptation, featuring a soft dough filled with strawberry jelly beans, wild strawberry chocolate, and candied strawberries.

Antonino Cannavacciuolo Vegan Easter Cake

Dark chocolate chips meet candied orange to star in this fluffy vegan Easter dessert signed by three-starred chef Antonino Cannavacciuolo and made by Pastry Chef Kabir Godi, head of the Group’s Artisan High Pastry Laboratory.

Easter 2023: The Signature Colombe Cakes for Easter this Year

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