Enchanting Landscapes and Alpine Wines

The engaging aromaticity of Sauvignon Blanc, the fresh minerality of Pinot Blanc make for two great summer wines from the Puntay line of the estate Erste+Neue, a historic winery in Caldaro in Alto Adige-Südtirol, an area characterized by its high cliffs and sharp peaks, just a stone’s throw from the lake of the same name and with vineyards that range from the lower slopes of the Mendola Coast to the foothills of the Dolomites.

The Awe-Inspiring Alto Adige-Südtirol

Two perfect wines to end a busy day of hiking in the South Tyrolean mountains. After hiking wonderful trails through forests that lead to secluded alpine huts and peaks from which to admire unique and enchanting landscapes, dedicating a moment of well-deserved rest with the right company and some excellent local food is one of the finest and most delightful ways to enjoy it all. What’s more, if all this is accompanied by wines of great personality, freshness and elegance – then the combination is sublime.

“The connection with our mountains and all that surrounds them has always been one of the hallmarks that characterizes our philosophy,” explains Andrea Moser, the estate’s winemaker, “Our claim ‘Wines for your #PEAKMOMENTS’ faithfully reflects our approach and our goal, which is to want to convey the Alpine territory through the glass with aromas of great elegance and a fresh, almost invigorating sip, ideal after spending a challenging but at the same time fulfilling day in the midst of our wonderful mountains.”



The winery’s Puntay line represents the winery’s crowning achievement, the highest expression capable of combining the alpine spirit of its wines and the refinement of the aromas thanks to a careful and meticulous vineyard selection of grapes grown on the most suitable plots available to the contributing members – hand harvested from grapes grown at various altitudes.

“Among the selections of our Puntay line, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Blanc are certainly excellent examples of wines that know how to combine personality and an engaging fragrance,” continues Andrea Moser. “The bursting aromaticity of Sauvignon and the great minerality of Pinot Blanc have long found a home in our vineyards, acquiring truly unique and distinctive traits.”

The Sauvignon Blanc

Puntay Sauvignon Südtirol-Alto Adige DOC 2020 comes from grapes grown between 450 and 550 meters above sea level on gravelly, limey soils. After spontaneous fermentation, which partly takes place in barrels, a maturation of at least 12 months always continues within this container, giving the wine richness and enveloping character. In the glass there is a broad bouquet reminiscent of exotic fruits, grapefruit and currants, while on the palate vivacity and freshness supporst a wine that is lively, bright, and layered with the bouquet of exotic fruit.

The Pinot Blanc

The 2020 Puntay Pinot Bianco Südtirol-Alto Adige DOC comes from even higher vineyards, which can reach 650 meters above sea level, positioned on soils with both limestone and porphyry moraine profiles. Again, the passage of at least one year in wooden barrels gives the wine an expressive breadth of great finesse. The decisive floral note and the delicate sweetness of pear and apple enhance the classicism of this Pinot Blanc, which on the palate manages to blend structure, freshness and an almost thirst-quenching minerality. Its color is a bright straw-yellow with greenish reflections.

“They are also two decidedly gourmand wines,” concludes Andrea Moser, “perfect to accompany the preparations we will bring to the table after a day spent hiking in the mountains. If the Puntay Sauvignon perfectly accompanies fragrant goat cheeses, the Puntay Pinot Blanc is ideal as an aperitif as well as with fish or white meat appetizers.”


Enchanting Landscapes and Alpine Wines

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