Fresh and Flavourful: Salmon in Langa

Summer, a time for freshness and lightness in dishes that are quick and simple to prepare but at the same time burst with colors and flavor. This is precisely the concept behind this recipe proposed by Chef Zeilinga, which plays on the healthy fats of salmon and the sparkling vegetable notes of verbena and cucumber.

From Garden to Table at Casa di Langa

Among the novelties of this year’s warm season at Casa di Langa is the organic garden next to the Fàula Ristorante – a garden that has become and inspiration for the stellar dishes of the resort’s new chef, Daniel Zeilinga. Salmon in Langa is a colorful creation of seared salmon, mountain yogurt and verbena.

Three ingredients combined with the acidity of mountain yogurt that manage to transform a dish as simple as seared salmon fillet into a healthy and tasty signature recipe, easy to replicate at home and perfect for summer dinners outdoors, by the sea or on a terrace in the city.

The only recommendation is to always choose freshness and local products, as in the case of the mountain yogurt, which Daniel Zeilinga selected from a small producer in the Alta Langa, or the cucumbers, which grow virtually by the meter 0 in the resort’s organic garden, personally tended by the chef, or again, the verbena, which is harvested in the unspoiled territories of the Langhe by Casa di Langa’s gardener, Luigi Merlo.


Fresh salmon fillet: 100 g
Fresh whole mountain cow yogurt: to taste
Washed cucumbers: 4
Verbena leaves: 6
Salt: to taste
Pepper: to taste
Mild evo oil: to taste


Peel the cucumbers and pass them through the juicer, with the Verbena leaves, and filter the liquid. Add the cucumber juice to the yogurt until it reaches a consistency that is not too runny, season with salt, Evo oil and pepper. Separately, slice skinless cucumbers and marinate them with a pinch of salt; they will be needed during the serving. Heat the nonstick skillet over high heat, lay the salmon fillet with a drizzle of EVO oil, lower the heat and let it cook on the skin a few minutes leaving it pink inside.


In a shallow dish pour a few spoons of sauce, lay the fish in the center, decorate with the previously marinated, lightly squeezed cucumbers and a few verbena leaves, a few flakes of whole-grain salt and a drizzle of EVO oil.

Fresh and Flavourful: Salmon in Langa

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