Giorgetti Atmosphere

Refined objects created to give life to unique environments, with the idea of proposing a complete, elegant and functional living concept: the Giorgetti Atmosphere proposals are declined in a series of sophisticated home décor accessories.

Designed and developed by the company and its Artistic Director Giancarlo Bosio, the Giorgetti Atmosphere home decor accessories collections boast collaborations with Virginia Harper, Roberto Cambi, Viviana Maggiolini and Giorgio Bonaguro.

Touches of Light for Giorgetti Atmosphere 

The home decor accessories collection of lamps for Giorgetti relies on the strength of shapes to offer lighting objects with great personality, capable of designing a space with a simple stroke. Virginia Harper’s creativity came up with the Dunes hanging lamp, which draws inspiration from a 1950s design and inserts LED strips in the cut of the wooden structure.

“The project comes from my passion for classic materials, which I love to rethink in an unusual way: in this case the inspiration comes from the sandy landscape with its natural waves, behind which something seems to be hiding. I wanted to create a sculptural object that could be suspended in a room, that would really show the malleability of wood and the variety of nuances that walnut can reveal depending on how it is shaped,” says designer Virginia Harper.

The Kendama family of lights, on the other hand, has been defined by Murano glass workmanship: the handcrafted blown bubbles are coated with aluminium and iron oxides to give a warm and precious light.

“The spheres evoke an ancient and fascinating tradition, in which metal powders are randomly arranged inside the glass: each object is unique and unrepeatable because it is the result of an unpredictable process. The pewter finish is also reminiscent of the past, reminiscent of the bima jugs and pottery used in the ancient world,” said Giancarlo Bosio, Art Director at Giorgetti.

Sophisticated Home Decor Accessories 

The Giorgetti Atmosphere home decor accessories collection includes refined objects such as the Harria series of vases and bookends by Viviana Maggiolini and Giorgio Bonaguro: made by combining marbles of different colours, they can be broken down into decorative elements.

Ceramic, on the other hand, is the protagonist of the proposals for home decor accessories designed by artist Roberto Cambi, who has already created successful collections for the brand. His are the Bilqis vases that evoke the charm of the Queen of Sheba: in the aridity of the desert a tree trunk stands out, full of buds and beauty.

“My work with Giorgetti is a wonderful synergy between my artistic thinking and the world of design: my fantastic, dreamlike world takes shape and is revealed in unique objects produced in small series,” commented Roberto Cambi.

The glazed ceramic sculpture Polis for Giorgetti is also by the ceramist. “It is a city imagined from above, a mapping that with its intersections of lines creates volumes and balances. All this is shaped in ceramic, a material that demands reflection, sensitivity and respect,” concluded the artist.

Giorgetti Atmosphere

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