Gourmantico 2024: A Journey Through Flavors Around Lombardy

A project created to enhance the food and wine culture of haute cuisine: Gourmantico 2024, an initiative signed by the Cultural Enogastronomic Association “Insieme,” formed last October by 21 Lombard restaurants.

Gourmantico 2024 was created to promote events and happenings that foster growth in hospitality and member service, youth involvement, and positive spin-off in terms of image and consensus for the food and wine movement.

In a nutshell: opening the doors of the best restaurants in Lombardy to conviviality within everyone’s reach.

“The goal is to bring the general public closer to haute cuisine,” says Camillo Rota, president of the Association and representative of the Antica Osteria dei Camelì Restaurant. “Each restaurant in our Association will offer a complete menu from appetizer to dessert at a price that is capped and accessible to most people. We want everyone to experience haute cuisine and grasp its qualitative peculiarities.”

Each restaurant will promote its full tasting menu, from appetizer to dessert including drinks, at the price of €75. Until the end of April (excluding Valentine’s Day and Easter) at www.gourmantico.it you can already choose your experience.

The numbers that were presented by Antonio Lecchi of Tenuta Casa Virginia are: 21 restaurants involved, 4 provinces of Lombardy, 97 dishes studied, tested and seasonally modified; 44 preparation with fish between fresh and salt water; 32 dishes with land preparation between vegetables and animals; 21 fancy desserts.

“Unity is strength,” says chef Mauro Elli of Il Cantuccio restaurant (SO), “I joined the Association precisely because if each of us provides a little piece of our expertise and reality, we restaurateurs can offer the public a new opportunity and our industry a chance to experiment with new formulas.

Gourmantico will indeed be the best opportunity to take a trip to Lombardy, from discovering the flavors of the Bergamasque territory, to the scents of Lake Iseo, passing through Brianza, Como and Val Chiavenna. It will be a unique experience for foodlovers, discovering elegant locations and pampered by the cuisine signed by the best chefs including well-known starred chefs: Enrico Bartolini, Pierantonio Rocchetti, Giancarlo Morelli, Stefano Arrigoni, Umberto De Martino, Roberto Proto, Camillo Rota, Stefano Masanti, Cristian Fagone.

Experienced patrons such as Antonio Lecchi, Francesca Mauri, Maria Morbi, and Mirko Magoni welcome guests to their exclusive and comfortable premises. In sixteenth-century farmhouses or in elegant rooms with minimal design, guests will enjoy rich dishes, balanced in their ingredients, sometimes even exotic and with flavors from more distant regions such as Campania and Sicily, which each restaurateur interprets with creativity in the taste on the palate. The watchwords of this new association of restaurateurs are: quality, passion and conviviality.

Participating restaurants in Gourmantico 2024

Ristorante Al Vigneto – chef Samuele Siragusa
Via Don Pietro Belotti, 1 – Grumello del Monte – 24064 (BG)

Antica Osteria dei Camelì – Chef Loredana Vescovi
Via Guglielmo Marconi, 13 – 24030 Ambivere (BG)

Bolle Restaurant
Via Provinciale, 30 – 24040 Lallio – Bergamo

Ristorante Collina – Chef Mario Cornali
Via Capaler, 3, – 24030 Almenno San Bartolomeo (BG)

Ristorante Cucina Cereda – Chef Giuseppe Cereda
Via Luigi Piazzini, 33, – 24036 Ponte San Pietro BG

Ristorante Frosio – Chef Paolo Frosio
Piazza Lemine, 1, – 24011 Almè BG

Ristorante Il Cantinone – Chef Stefano Masanti – sommelier Raffaella Mazzina
Via Antonio De Giacomi, 39 – 23024 Madesimo (SO)

Ristorante Il Cantuccio – Chef Mauro Elli
Via Dante Alighieri, 32 – 22031 Albavilla (CO)

Ristorante Il Saraceno – Chef Roberto Proto
Piazza Don Luigi Verdelli, 2 – 24050 Cavernago (BG)

Ristorante Impronte – Chef Cristian Fagone
Via C. Baioni 38, – Bergamo

Ristorante La Caprese – Chef Bruno Federico e Chef Alex Normanni
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi 7 – 24030 Mozzo (BG)

Ristorante Loro – Chef Pierantonio Rocchetti
Via Bruse, 2 – 24069 Trescore Balneario (BG)

Osteria della Brughiera – Chef Stefano Gelmi
Via Brughiera, 49 – 24018 Villa d’Almè (BG)

Osteria Tre Gobbi – Oste Marco Carminati e Chef Filippo Cammarata
Via Broseta, 20/C, – 24122 Bergamo (BG)

Ristorante Pomiroeu – Chef Giancarlo Morelli
Via Giuseppe Garibaldi, 37, – 20831 Seregno (MB)

Ristorante Posta – Chef Petronilla Frosio
Via Vittorio Veneto, 169 – 24038 Sant’Omobono Terme (BG)

Roof Garden Restaurant – Chef Gianpietro Semperboni
Piazza della Repubblica, 6 – 24122 Bergamo (BG)

Tenuta Casa Virginia – Patron Antonio Lecchi e Chef Perico Davide
Via Cascina Violo, 1 – 24018 Villa d’Almè BG

Maison Florian – Chef Umberto De Martino
Via Madonna d’Argon 4/6 – 24060 San Paolo d’Argon (BG)

Ristorante Villa Elena – Chef Enrico Bartolini
Via S. Vigilio, 56, – 24129 Bergamo (BG)

Ristorante Zù – Chef Angelo Bonfitto
Via XXV Aprile – 24060 Riva di Solto (BG)


Gourmantico 2024: A Journey Through Flavors Around Lombardy

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