An Oasis of Flavors and Lush Surroundings at Al Cortile in Milan

Nestled in one of the characteristic railing complexes of historic Milan, stands a lush secret garden, a true oasis of peace within the city. The inner courtyard, surrounded by fragrant flowers in the shade of an old smokestack, is home to Al Cortile, a Milan restaurant offering a cozy restaurant offering witty and creative cuisine.

With a complete restyling of the spaces, aimed at rediscovering the values of the old Milanese courtyards, Al Cortile restaurant reopens in a completely new guise focusing on conviviality, exchange, sustainability, and Milanese cuisine linked to its roots.

The Urban Court Concept of Al Cortile in Milan

The new concept of Urban Court is the result of the long-lasting collaboration between the renowned cooking school Food Genius Academy and the event organization company between food and design FoodFellas.The goal is to make the customer experience more and more authentic and enjoyable, thanks to a menu that emphasizes raw materials from local producers, for an original rediscovery of the sincere and genuine tastes of the past.

A contemporary dining model based on research and creativity that creates a close connection with the local area. Precisely to revive for citizens the atmosphere of the ancient Milanese courtyards that once stood where the restaurant is now located, Al Cortile combines tradition and innovation, staying in step with the trends of the city of Milan.

A modernity that also distinguishes the type of organization. The approach of the new Al Cortile departs from that of traditional food service because of the continuous creation of synergies among all kitchen, dining room, and bar staff. Synergies are possible thanks to a horizontal structure that has two head chefs and two dining room maîtres working alongside each other.

First opened as a temporary restaurant in 2015, on the occasion of the Expo, Al Cortile, for almost ten years, has been one of the most popular destinations for the Milanese, especially during the warm seasons.

Today, the focus of the new project is on providing an authentic experience in the city center that enhances the values of the past within a modern, young, and welcoming environment.

Attention to primary ingredients finds maximum expression not only in the dishes but also in the collaboration with BiorFarm, a platform that supports small producers of fruits and vegetables with which Al Cortile has launched the first digital orchard dedicated to catering.

The restaurant’s quest is focused not only on cuisine but also on biodynamic and natural wines produced by ethical winemakers and on mixology and drink list, born from the combination of research and passion, which uses herbs, aromatic plants, and spices, used in new advanced mixing techniques to create fresh olfactory and taste sensations.

The interiors were designed and created in collaboration with Effimero Studio.

Photo Credits: Carlotta Vigo

Al Cortile

An Oasis of Flavors and Lush Surroundings at Al Cortile in Milan

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