Pairing Wine with Vitello Tonnato

Vitello Tonnato is a great classic of Piedmontese cuisine, to be served as a tasty hors d’oeuvre or succulent main course, made with thin slices of tender veal accompanied by a tempting sauce made with tuna, capers and anchovies. But ,if you aren’t sure which wine pairing go best with it, here are three suggestions from Sensorial Wine Analyst Luca Maroni.

Pairing vitello tonnato with a Prosecco

Prosecco Extra Dry Millesimato Doc Andrea Biasiotto

“At the top end of the Prosecco spectrum, the creations of Biasiotto Vini e Spumanti shine, a crescendo of silkiness and persuasiveness, of creaminess and sparkle. With its exemplary softness and neatness, Andrea Biasiotto’s Prosecco Extra Dry Millesimato reveals a lively fruitiness that is even more caressing and intense. Its softness on the palate is stupendous, certainly favoured by the full, sunny ripeness of the fruit, whose frothy appearance is dressed in gold. An immediately enveloping perfume that persuasively reveals the richness and fragrance of the basic grape. And then aromas of pear flesh and flowers, now dense or with a lymphatic fragrance. Oenology of exceptional respect for such a defined, stainless and floral perception. Then comes the taste, with its fabulous, rare balance between supple softness, acidic verve and the mineral savouriness of the pulp, which carries fragrances of green apple and plum. This is truly a champion of distinctive and harmonious viticulture and oenology.” This is a beautiful wine pairing for Vitello Tonnato.

Pairing vitello tonnato with Vitese Lucido

Vitese Lucido 2018 Colomba Bianca

This wine is a 100% organic Lucido, of absolute elegance, full-bodied and balanced with intense notes of aromatic herbs: the Vitese Lucido Colomba Bianca best embodies the varietal characteristics of the native Sicilian grape variety with great character, grown only on high hills. The Vitese Lucido is characterised by a crystal-clear straw yellow colour and a fresh, savoury bouquet of white-fleshed fruit. Notes of yellow fruit, apricot and peach emerge on the palate with spicy hints of herbs such as rosemary and sage. Lucido is a fine wine pairing for this dish.

Pairing vitello tonnato with Freisa

Freisa d’Asti 2020 Bellicoso

“Grape treasures respected by pure transformative technique in the Bellicoso glass. A power and vividness of fruit that the Freisa d’Asti 2020 transmits with its untouched colour a vigorous palatal progression that reveals a harmonious balance of taste.”

The colour is an intense red, with some nuances from ruby red to aubergine violet. The richness of the colour is also reflected in the bouquet: ample floral scents including violets and roses, pleasant fruity notes of wild berries such as raspberries and currants with subsequent more herbaceous and spicy sensations. On the palate there is forest fruit, strawberry and raspberry, but also unripe red fruit such as plums and prunes. There is an important alcoholic softness which contributes to the seductive sensations linked to a pronounced acidity with a young and decisive tannin. The combination of characteristics makes this an excellent wine pairing for Vitello Tonnato.

Pairing Wine with Vitello Tonnato

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