Chef Roberto Conti at the Helm of Philipp Plein’s New Milan Restaurant

Michelin-starred Chef , a native of Vigevano, returns to Milan in style as Executive Chef at Philipp Plein’s new restaurant as fashion meets hospitality with the brand’s hotel and restaurant located in Via Manin, in the historic Palazzo Melzi d’Eril.

The chef has most recently headed the kitchen of RC Resort’s gourmet restaurant in Mortara, two years of great symbolic value, giving Conti the opportunity to return to his roots with an innovative menu that won the hearts of many patrons.

Returning “home” was a moment of great joy for the chef, an opportunity to recount his ever-evolving path by returning to his origins, after long and significant experiences, crowned by the achievement of his first Michelin star at the Trussardi alla Scala restaurant.

Chef Roberto Conti, with some of his iconic dishes, has captivated the most discerning and complex palates, loved by show business personalities, friends and colleagues alike with creative dishes such as his signature “Cacio e Pepe with sea urchins.”

During his time in Mortara, Roberto Conti carved out a dedicated following of not only a neighborhood audience, but also managed to bring to Mortara many customers from different places in Italy and the world. The chef went on to win important awards at RC Resort, such as two forks in the Gambero Rosso guide and two hats in the Espresso Guide and, last but not least, a stellar mention in the Michelin Guide.

Chef Roberto Conti at Philipp Plein
Chef Roberto Conti

At Milan’s Philipp Plein Restaurant

Today Conti returns to Milan to express his food philosophy at its best, as he points out, “Cuisine is beautiful all round as long as it is made with excellent prime ingredients and technique.”

Among the most interesting news awaiting Roberto Conti starting next spring-summer is his new role as Executive Chef for the restaurant of luxury fashion brand Philipp Plein in Milan, a delightful challenge for the chef, as well as an opportunity to return to Italy’s most international metropolis.

This new project with Philipp Plein will see Chef Roberto Conti working as part of a high-level project, with a major investment to support it, where he will be able to express all of his creativity on a prestigious and international stage, becoming the Executive Chef of one of the largest Italian Hospitality groups.

On the wave of enthusiasm, the chef is already thinking about his new line of minimalist cuisine focused on prime ingredients, and celebrating refinement and luxury in the dishes, with a view to running the restaurant of Philipp Plein’s first world hotel.

Roberto Conti Around the City

In the meantime, in addition to his gourmet pizzeria Corner58 by Roberto Conti in Viale Argonne, in partnership with entrepreneur Francesco Cottino, the chef is also present in Milan and Monza with two important consultancies.

In fact, the chef is set to design the menu and culinary styling of Terrazza Duomo 21, a cult location in Milan that combines food and lifestyle with entertainment, as well as embellishing the dishes of the historic Saint Georges Premier restaurant in Monza.

At Terrazza Duomo 21, Conti will offer Italian and international, dynamic and cool dining options where different proposals will be on offer, from veal tonnato to lobster rolls, and club sandwiches, while at the Saint Georges Premier restaurant in Monza, the menu will focus on the great Italian classics, ranging from Risotto alla Milanese with Ossobuco to Cassoeula, Costoletta alla Milanese, and Triglia alla Livornese.

Terrazza Duomo 21

Chef Roberto Conti at the Helm of Philipp Plein’s New Milan Restaurant

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