Summer in the Secret Garden of Miro – Osteria del Cinema in Milan

Discover a quiet haven of food and cocktails nestled away in the heart of the Milano’s Brera. A secret garden in the heart of Milan‘s dynamic Brera district, far from the noise and sheltered from the heat, where you can enjoy contemporary cuisine and sip fresh and perfectly balanced cocktails: this is the summer proposal of MIRO – Osteria del Cinema.

The restaurant, situated inside the historic Anteo Palazzo del Cinema, opened in September 2021, is set in a location where the story of the site frames a new direction in cuisine, creating the perfect backdrop for an encounter between tradition and contemporaneity in its truest sense.

The project features a team of very young restaurant professionals: under-30 entrepreneur Andrea Vignali, creator and co-founder of MIRO, and Chef Enrico Maridati, born in 1987.

Thanks to its large spaces, relaxed mood, excellent contemporary cuisine and informal welcome, MIRO – Osteria del Cinema has become, in a few short months, a real place-to-be in the heart of Brera for those who are looking for authenticity and quality in an intriguing setting – an oasis in the city.

And so, with the summer season approaching, Andrea Vignali has decided to open the secret garden, a space protected from the surrounding buildings and courtyards. A quiet, green haven where the atmosphere becomes even more relaxed with intimate tables, small sofas and low seating.

The new menu designed by Chef Enrico Maridati, whose cuisine is distinguished by French and Oriental influences that give a contemporary twist to traditional Italian dishes, and an original cocktail list will be available for tasting. Seven signature cocktails inspired by the world of cinema, perfect for aperitif time, or even to accompany dinner, will be available here all summer long.

The proposal of MIRO – Osteria del Cinema transpires to offer the Milanese a refuge where they can unwind and take a pause from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Summer in the Secret Garden of Miro – Osteria del Cinema in Milan

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