Smoked Amberjack with Dill and Citrus

This recipe for smoked amberjack is a journey in taste from the North to the South of Italy to discover refined recipes: Churchill 1795, a British company specializing in the production of tableware for the catering industry, celebrates the upcoming holidays with the “Natale al piatto” project, which involves five Italian restaurants, La Filetteria Italiana, Osteria dell’Orologio, Pescheria, Villa Costanza and Merula, called upon to offer, throughout the month of December, an unreleased Christmas dish inspired by the British tableware company’s novelties and bestsellers.

After Lombardy, Lazio and Campania, with dishes from La Filetteria Italiana, Osteria dell’Orologio and Pescheria, it is the turn of the islands, with Sicily represented by the Villa Costanza restaurant.

Deep is the approach to food of this Sicilian eatery, which has always been committed to sustainable dining, developing recipes that protect biodiversity and follow the times of nature and its seasons. Scrupulous is the selection of the excellence of the Sicilian territory. For this project, Chef Gregory Lo Porto created smoked amberjack with dill and citrus fruits, crispy tempura ricotta pearls, avocado mousse and pomegranate coulis, and salt capers powder from the Rossello company and chose to present it on Kintsugi Pearl Grey, a dish that interprets the Japanese art of repairing broken objects. The subtly textured craquelé pattern makes each recipe easily recognizable.

Dill and Citrus Smoked Amberjack

Ingredients for 4 people

For the marinated amberjack

Amberjack: 400 g
Coarse salt: 200 g
Brown sugar: 200 g
Lemon zest: 1

For the crispy ricotta cheese

Sheep ricotta cheese: 300 g
Panko: to taste
Whole egg: 1
Salt: to taste
Pepper: to taste
Herbs: to taste

For the avocado mousse

Ripe avocado: 1
Lemon juice: 1
Salt: to taste
Pepper: to taste

For the pomegranate juice

Pomegranate juice: 100 ml
Starch: 30 g
Caster sugar: 10 g
Salina capers powder from Rossello Company: to taste


For the amberjack

Mix salt and sugar with lemon zest and pour the mixture over the fish fillet, let marinate for 3 hours. Rinse with cold water and dry the amberjack well and proceed to cut.

For the crispy ricotta cheese

Process the ricotta with the herbs, salt pepper and form into balls to freeze in the freezer for two hours. Proceed to bread them with egg and panko.Set aside and fry when ready to serve.

For the avocado mousse

Peel the ripe avocado and blend with a blender adding the lemon juice salt and pepper until smooth. Place the cream in a piping bag.

For the pomegranate juice

Heat the pomegranate juice with the sugar and starch until thickened. Set aside to cool.

Plate composition

Proceed by placing the amberjack slices on the plate, leaving room for the crispy ricotta cheese that has just been fried in 180-degree seed oil. Add the avocado mousse around the amberjack and pomegranate juice and finish by sprinkling with Salina caper powder.

Villa Costanza

Smoked Amberjack with Dill and Citrus

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