Swordfish Roulade with Walnuts and Taleggio DOP

The sweetness of pears, the aromas of the countryside, the freshness of swordfish and the unmistakable taste of Taleggio DOP: these are the ingredients of this recipe for Swordfish Roulade with Walnuts and Taleggio DOP mixed with Mediterranean herbs and salt, and punctuated by the crispness of a pear, celery and mint salad. The recipe is a creation of the chef, blogger, storyteller, and painter Maurizio Rosazza Prin, participant in Masterchef, who was first a copywriter before entering the world of food.

Ingredients for the Swordfish Recipe

Swordfish: 4 slices
Walnut: 10 kernels
Olive oil: to taste
Pepper: to taste
Mixed herbs (thyme, basil, parsley, rosemary): to taste
Paprika: to taste
Taleggio DOP cheese: 120 g
Pears of different types: 3
Mint: to taste
Fresh white celery: 200 g
Vinegar: to taste
Swordfish Roulade with Taleggio
Swordfish Roulade with Taleggio


Take the fish slices, remove the skin and place them between two sheets of baking paper. With a rolling pin, pat them and then roll them out. Season with the aromatic salt obtained by blending salt and herbs. Place a pinch of paprika and insert taleggio cheese in the center. Close in the shape of a roulade. Bake at 200 Celsius (390 Fahrenheit) until golden brown. Cut the pears into strips, keeping the skin on and removing the core. Cut the celery lengthwise and place in water and ice. Create a salad with the celery, pears, mint, oil and vinegar. Compose the dish.

Taleggio DOP

Swordfish Roulade with Walnuts and Taleggio DOP

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