Wooden Archetypes

The solidity of wood meets a design made of light and dynamic lines in the Woodland collection of solid wood accessories, designed by Marta Laudani for Rubinacci Napoli and featured at the next edition of the Milan Furniture Fair.

A series of wood accessories consisting of vases and trays that celebrates the imagery of nature through the craftsmanship of solid wood, a material of choice for the brand‘s production, demonstrating how the precious material, a symbol of strength and solidity, can be perfectly combined with the subtle essentiality of the elements in the series.

Woodland by Rubinacci Napoli evokes a motion that transports natural elements into the inhabited space, summed up in the archetypal figure of wood, which is above all a vital essence. Woodworking refers to an ancestral manual skill, to a tradition rooted in time and flourishing in our present.

“The shapes that inspired Woodland were ‘found’ rather than designed,” says Marta Laudani. “It is enough to walk in a meadow for nature to provide us with all the inspiration we need: from fallen petals, to the outline of a lake, from the bed of a river eroded by water, to shrubs and trunks that are sometimes broken, showing the fragility and, at the same time, the resistance of the bark.”

The Lily trays of the Woodland collection by Rubinacci Napoli, with their oval profile and sloping edge, are reminiscent of the water lily, a plant with broad, flat leaves that float on the surface of lakes. Petal, offers trays in different sizes and finishes, which are based on the stylised image of flowers, becoming a symbol of them, as if to recreate the purity of a corolla. The Kernel vases, now tall and slender, now low and deep, are capable of rendering in abstract form the richness of exotic and tropical vegetation.

The Rubinacci Napoli collection studies and re-proposes the essentiality and simplicity of profiles, through an abstraction that subtracts and allows objects to find their own dimension in the domestic space, without creating a discontinuity. Vases and trays are defined through the iridescent nature of wood accessories in the essence of ash, with its continuous variations of texture and colour.


Wooden Archetypes

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