The Understated Luxury of W75 by Rossana

One of the most iconic models by Rossana, the luxury brand of the Colombini Group that has been a forerunner in style, design and technology for over 60 years, the W75 kitchen is the result of refined interpretations presented in the brand’s catalogue.

Designed by architect Massimo Castagna, the W75 kitchen system has been rethought by the brand, evolving the basic typology of the contemporary kitchen and creating an innovative project characterised by elegance, extreme attention to detail, experimentation with materials and modularity, underlining Rossana’s penchant for using materials in their purest form.

Essentiality, clean-cut forms and a wealth of finishes and materials distinguish the W75 kitchen, whose style embodies a new dimension of understated luxury.

The protagonist is the door characterised by the special vertical diamond pattern that makes its thickness visible, emphasising the material with a deep, three-dimensional effect.

The horizontal side of the door is inclined, lightening the visual thickness of the top and allowing the opening grip in the under-top groove. The material of the worktop, tapered to a thin thickness, continues in the groove and plinth.

The worktops are combined with the precious finishes applied to the fronts in all materials: from lacquers to metals, to the essences present in the Rossana range, for an effect of great elegance and high quality.

The compositions proposed by the brand in two exclusive settings are particularly fascinating: Shanghai, cradle of ancient civilisations, destination of a futuristic world, a journey through time; Moscow, rich in mystery, strong in character, of impenetrable grandeur.

The application of the most up-to-date technologies combined with attention to materials guarantees a highly contemporary overall result. The high degree of customisation and adaptation to the various situations of use, emphasised by the poetics of the applicable materials and the tailor-made approach, complete the elements of a kitchen project that fully embraces Rossana’s philosophy and vocation.

The catalogue also introduces solutions for more functional, comfortable and versatile kitchens: tall units with full-height doors, tall units with open modules available in six different heights and shelves in wood, lacquer or steel, as well as a customisable back panel; panelled hood for island and wall-mounted kitchens with metal, stone or wood finishes; and Brooklyn hood with a black lattice structure with different modules and sizes and a tool bar with lighting for the top.

The Understated Luxury of W75 by Rossana

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